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Resistance Bands

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  • SALE IS FOR SINGLE BAND - Choose 1 of 7 different resistance levels. See Resistance Level Chart to find the right pull up assist bands for you.
  • 7 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE - Our Grey Bands ideal for heavier body types provides the most resistance of 250lbs to 270lbs of resistance. Whether you want to use for pull up assist, stretching, strength resistance training, we have a band for you.
  • EXERCISE VERSATILITY - Combine the bands for most efficient training. Exercise using multiple levels of assistance enabling you do sets with the thicker band and the thinner band to squeeze out a few additional reps if needed. Play with the different combinations of bands as your strength increases and as you add different workouts to your workout routine.
  • FOR EVERYONE - Anyone can benefit from using fitness bands. Men, women, kids, athletes in any sport, beginners, and practically anyone looking to improve their fitness.