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New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves 2.0 (2 Pairs)

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FULLY PROTECTS YOUR PALMS - Specially designed padded palm layer guarding the whole hand. Fortify your entire palms from Calluses, Rips, & Sore Hands and keep your hands looking nice and in good shape no matter the intensity of your workout.  

PREVENT WRIST INJURIES - Built-In Adjustable Wrist Wrap For Wrist Protection.
Avoid hand and wrist injury with elastic wrist wraps and adjust wraps for premium support and comfort . Experience Less pain during workouts by keeping your wrist guarded at all times.  

LONG LASTING GLOVES - Suede leather material designed for strong durable gloves no matter the workout exercise or workload. Perform high intense workouts, cross training wods, and power lifting routines without the worries of destroying your gloves and wasting your money on cheap gloves that don't last. 

MAX AIR VENTILATION FOR LESS SWEAT & MORE COMFORT- Say bye bye to stinky gloves, instantly eliminate sweaty hands, and experience air circulation for added comfort during training. The open hand design allows for your hands to be fully protected while experiencing air which eliminates moisture, ultimately keeping your gloves dry which makes for a overall better functioning pair of gloves.  

INSTANTY ELIMINATE SLIPPING ON BARBELL OR PULL UP BAR - Experience a super tight grip on the pull up bar, barbells, gym machines, or gym floor.  Grip is very important for heavy lifts, high rep bar movements, and machine lifts.  The special grooved palm layer enhances grip for heavy or lightweight weight lifting.  Use while performing group training, floor exercises, and other workouts where grip is needed.  The palm glove material is made with a textured grippy material that syncs with the knurling of the barbell and even grips smooth surfaces adding more grip during intense workouts.